Based on observations and experiences a specific map, of “diagnostic points" spread through the body, was drawn. It allows the identification of possible disturbances or underlying issues.
Learn how to use this map to check the condition of a specific function and establish a preliminary assessment of a person’s overall vitality.

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  Nutripuncture Webinar mini series - Finding the Nutripuncture® diagnostic points using a coin.
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Dr. Patrick Veret is the founder of Nutripuncture®, the revolutionary complementary health modality that uses micro-mineral to restore cellular information that has been impaired by environmental stress. With a background in homoeopathy, sports physiology, nutrition, acupuncture, and psychosomatic disorders. He has written numerous books, gives lectures in universities and has taught more than 500 medical doctors on the subject of enhanced cellular nutrition and acupuncture in France and Italy alone. Today Dr Veret continues to give lectures worldwide and dedicates most of his time to research.

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