Accompanying a woman's evolution, from adolescence to the old age, requires a deep listening and analysis of the most important stages of life.
Establishing an accurate assessment, using Nutripuncture®, can help the woman play her matrix role and increase her quality of life and that of her family and friends.

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  Nutripuncture mini series - Protocols for Women's general well being
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Closely collaborating with Dr Patrick Veret, founder of Nutripuncture®, Ms Cristina Cuomo is in charge of Nutripuncture® education programs in France.

For about 20 years, Cristina has conducted some research on the benefits of Nutripuncture® on the voice, posture and movement. She is vice-president of the Human-Voice association, whose honorary president is Edgar Morin. She conducts numerous conferences and trainings on walking, voice and Nutripuncture® in Europe and Canada. Cristina is also the author of La marche un Mouvement Vital [The walk, a vital movement] (Éditons Dauphin, Paris).